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Special note to Perch CBO members

There have been so many times during the past year that we wanted to reflect on our Perch Carrboro members. During the pandemic,we have managed to stay somewhat connected. We started out strong with Zoom Happy Hours on Friday (just like pre-COVID times).... sharing our struggles, laughing at the same jokes, and missing our community. Then, a few members suggested we should eat lunch together, virtually, every Tuesday. Having lunch together felt like old times, since most days at Perch CBO we would either eat in the conference room or go outside together.

Of course, so much of Perch is about wellness. We were so grateful to Liz Harden of Little Dipper Wellness for teaching virtual Yoga and Mindfulness every Thursday. We can't forget about the Perch Slack chat that has remained active. Maybe not the same discussion as before like "who wants to take a break and go for a walk" or "should we make more coffee." But now there are different discussions and questions and even Perch members sightings around town.

We even managed to have a Perch basketball bracket again, thanks to Kelly Bodie, who each year has organized the bracket for our space. Now we look to the future and hope that one day we can open another space in Carrboro or Chapel Hill. Thanks to all past and present members, although we haven't been in the same space this year, we have remained a Community!

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