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Too many plants?

What makes a coworking space conducive to being productive and inviting? Is it the comfy sofa? The free keg? The inspirational signs? The ping pong tables? Every coworking space has its own style and personality.

At Perch, we value our members and that is why it is so important that we create an inviting environment. Sure, our WiFi is fast and our local coffee is amazing. But, at most coworking spaces it is all the members. That is why it is our mission that our members feel welcome, comfortable and at home while they are working at Perch. As we like to say " You don't have to work at home, to feel at home".

Perch is surrounded by plants, natural light, local art, and incredible members. We are always tweaking the space to enhance our member's experience at Perch. We strive to create a coworking space that provides the amentities and tools for our members to succeed and flourish in their work.

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