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Perch Pittsboro is open and we are committed to a safe and healthy space.

This is for our Perch Carrboro community.

In September, Perch Carrboro had to close due to COVID-19.

We have been a community for over six years. So, not seeing each other on a regular basis doesn’t seem right. At the beginning of the pandemic, we thought we would reconnect in a few weeks (oh how wrong we were). A space that was once filled with people and activity became an empty vessel.

We stopped brewing coffee, eating together, and hosting events. We tried to reconfigure the desks and chairs to maintain social distancing and feverishly disinfected areas throughout the day to accommodate this “new normal”. However, our boutique coworking space is small, so only a handful of members trickled in, understandably so. During this transition, we continued to adapt our community by hosting virtual events (which we still continue). But, of course, this isn’t the same as seeing people face to face.

We miss chatting with our members while we wait for the coffee to brew in the morning or eating lunch together which we did most days. We miss hearing about our member’s lives and saying “good morning” to them each day.

Perch’s amazing members are what contributed and created this wonderful community. And, for that we are so grateful to each and every member. Thank you all for enriching our lives.

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