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National Coworking Day

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Last week was National Coworking Day. So, we kicked off the celebration with cake pops from Carolina Cravings (our favorite go-to sweet shop). If you have never tried out Perch, come on in! We always offer a free half day.

Since it was National Coworking Day, we wanted to share our list of best practices in a coworking space.

Here is our list of Do's and Don'ts:


  • Always try out the coworking space before you join.

  • Commit to good work habits, right from the start.

  • Optimize your work time. Are you going to keep “office hours” or just 2-3 hours in the morning? Whatever your routine is, be consistent.

  • Introduce yourself to other members when you start.

  • Become part of the coworking culture. Take full advantage of the space. Make a point to try one activity, whether it be yoga or a community lunch.

  • Network: Make yourself available to others for ideas, collaboration, and even friendships.

  • Respect the environment and the policies of the space. Be mindful of how others are working.

  • Be professional at all times.

  • Be neat and clean.

  • Take phone calls in the appropriate space.


  • Never leave your phone on ringer mode.

  • Don’t take the last cup of coffee without making a fresh pot. Always refill everything.

  • If you reserved the conference room or phone booth, and things change, then don’t forget to remove your name from the time slot.

  • Never leave your dirty dishes for someone else to wash.

  • Don’t “sell” your product or services to your coworkers. If they need your help, they will ask for it.

  • Don’t blast music in your headphones.

  • Don’t leave old food and beverages in the fridge.

  • Don’t come to work sick.

  • Don’t “hog” the facilities/amenities.

Hope to see you soon!

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