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Team Builder

Perch is an entrepreneurial hub that encourages my personal creativity. A place where I can’t help but be wildly productive while getting to know similar, self-driven people. I appreciate that I can trade the distractions of a café for Perch’s unspoken professional accountability. I also appreciate that I can use the space, 24/7, to thus enable my oddball work hours (usually early morning or after dinner). It’s well worth the money and I always feel welcome. 



Perch is a shared workplace. It’s a place to meet people who are working hard and doing good and interesting work. It’s a welcoming place where people are supportive and respectful. It’s a place to go and get motivated by the productivity of others. It’s a place with good coffee, nice people to take a break and chat with, and interesting art. 


Over seas Educational Advisor

Perch is where I get my best work done. I look forward to going to work every day, knowing there will be a hot pot of coffee, smiling faces, and a professional space where everyone is doing their own thing together.