Coaching and Mindfulness

Membership includes Mindfulness event

All Perch memberships include access to all our events. Imagine having yoga, community lunches, and happy hour all apart of your work week?  Try us out-we offer a complimentary half day. Wednesday is a busy day at Perch Coworking-Join Denise Corey of Corey Coaching and Consulting for office hours from 9:00-10:00. Then, at lunch time,…

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Added Second Phone Booth!

New phone booths at Perch Coworking

What is better than one phone booth? Two phone booths! Have a lot of phone calls and need a space to be productive and a part of community? Then, come check out Perch-all of our memberships include access to both the conference room and phone booths. Take a tour and have a complimentary half day…

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Member Highlight-Adam Green

Meet Adam Green-He is a misanthropic former vegetable salesman who suckers businesses into paying him to write marketing copy. To everyone’s surprise (and horror), he manages to eek out a modest living through his perpetuation of this noxious scheme. All seriousness aside, Adam rather enjoys his job as a copywriter and content strategist. If he didn’t,…

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