We love all of our terrariums, they brighten up our coworking spaces.  You too can make these beautiful moss terrariums. We are offering a workshop this Sunday, March 26, 1:00-3:00 taught by Seana of Tierra Sol Studio. Workshop + Materials-$40.00. To register go to Eventbrite.

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Etsy Workshop

We are excited to be hosting a series of Etsy workshops, taught by Seana of Tierra Sol Studio. “How to Build a Successful Etsy Shop” A STEP BY STEP CLASS + WORKSHOPS- TO MAKING A LIVING OFF WHAT YOU LOVE March 21-6:30-8:30 $50.00 Branding, Pricing, and Product Photography

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Once a month, we have a Mindfulness class-10 minutes of focusing on our breath. Lindsey Alexander’s soothing voice guides us through various exercises during the course of the class. Afterwards, we are ready to concentrate on our next task.

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